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The 5 languages of love for kids

Each kids is different, but of course, there are some commonalities that make it easier to speak your child’s love language  - make them feel really loved.

There is a great book that helps with that: The 5 Love Languages of Children. As a physician and as a mom, I loved it and so did over a million of parents - it was featured as a long-time bestseller on the New York Times. 

Psychologists Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Ross Campbell insights can help:

  • Discover your child’s love language
  • See how that love language can impact their learning success
  • Make discipline easier and more effective
  • Help your child thrive and grow into a healthy and happy person

There are dozens of tips for practical ways to discover and speak your child’s love language. 

The Love language mystery game is awesome - takes a few minutes to do and helps identify the differences in what you need and what they need. It’s amazing to get this insight in minutes. 

There is also a free online study guide - visit 5lovelanguages.com

Alexandra T. Greenhill, CEO founder of myBestHelper, where busy families find the help they need to thrive.   

Posted: December 04, 2015