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Easy Owl Craft

Look at how cute these little owlets are! You can use this opportunity to teach the kids about owls and their nocturnal habits - they’ll love learning all about these birds starting with the baby owls and their appearance!

You’ll need:

  • Construction paper – black, brown, orange and yellow
  • Cotton batting or stuffing – From an old throw pillow or quilt batting.
  • Garage sale price stickers, or cut out round eyes from regular paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick


  1. Start with a full size sheet of black construction paper.
  2. Cut out a tree branch using brown construction paper. Add some stubs to make it look like a real branch. Add some lines to give the look of bark.
  3. Use a some cotton batting to make a little puff cloud, glue it on the paper where you want your owl to be.
  4. Cut out little feet from the orange paper. Glue them to the paper, with part of them tucked up under the owl.
  5. Cut out a little triangle for the nose. Glue it to the owl. 
  6. For the eyes, color black dots onto circle stickers.  Stick or glue to owls for the eyes.
  7. Decorate the sky with stars and a moon with the construction paper.

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Posted: October 29, 2015