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Drivers: slow down and drop the mobile devices

Please do this yourself and tell at least seven others - a small gesture of random act of kindness that can save lives:

  • The posted speed limit in school zones is 30 km/h. In good weather, it takes a vehicle 13 metres to come to a complete stop when driving at 30 km/h, but it takes 27 metres – more than double that distance – when driving at 50 km/h.

    For the record - I find both numbers scary… 13 meters at 30km/hr is less than 2 seconds to react and to stop!

  • Using a mobile device while driving is like driving drunk! The law is catching up and in many jurisdictions it’s now finally illegal for drivers to hold, operate, communicate or watch the screen of a hand-held electronic communication device, including sending or receiving text messages or electronic e-mail on any type.

    The evidence is multiplying that even hands free devices are super distracting - there is a four- to six-fold higher risk of collisions when talking on a cellphone, and a 23 times (yikes!) increased risk of crashes or near-crashes while reading and sending text messages.

Remember that the key with kids is repetition as for them something a few months ago is a very distant memory, so review these rules before Halloween (sadly another prime time for kids vs vehicle accidents).

Posted: September 11, 2015