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How to draw your hand in 3D

  How incredibly trippy is this 3D hand art? It’s surprisingly easy to do and the kids will definitely get a kick out of it. All you need are some markers and some paper and you’re ready to go!

Here’s how to create this amazing work of art:


Trace your hand. Easy enough.


Take a marker and draw straight lines across the paper to an outline of your hand. After that point, draw a curved line to the next point on the outline and then continue with a straight line.


It’s starting to take shape!


Fill the gaps between basic lines by drawing lines in between with different colors. Always repeat the same order of colors. If it’s necessary, fill any white spots you missed.


You can add some shadow on the outline of the hand to make it pop. And that’s it, just stand back and admire your new work of art!

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Posted: September 03, 2015