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Bubble Painting


To savor the last few days of summer before school starts, we have an awesome craft that’s probably best left outdoors to minimize cleaning time. Bubble painting is a great craft for the kids because it’s very hands on, and the paintings are gorgeous every single time. 


Here’s what you need:

  • paint (lots of different colors)
  • dish soap
  • water
  • cups
  • straws
  • watercolor paper 


To set up the painting stations for the kids:

  1.  Pour some paint, a little dish soap and a small amount of water in a cup. Mix it up. If the color is too light, add more paint. If not bubbly enough, add more soap.
  2.  Put the straw in the cup and blow until bubbles come up over the cup. Make sure this craft is supervised, we don’t want anyone drinking through the straws instead! 
  3. Grab your watercolor paper and pop the bubbles on your paper. Repeat.
  4.  Allow to dry. 

The aftermath:


This craft was discovered here!


Posted: August 28, 2015