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Child care: what’s affordable vs. what’s possible

It’s often less expensive to hire someone to watch your kids in your home.

Most parents don’t realize that if you have more than one child, it’s often less expensive to hire someone to watch them in your home. Whether its daycare, pre-school or after-school care, the price of care multiplied by 2 or more ends up costing more than a person that comes to your home.

Of course, there are many more reasons than financial to decide what type of care is right for your kids, but with child care being the second highest item on most family budgets it’s not one to neglect.

Are there any daycares in your area and do they have any openings?

Then, there is the practical issue of are there any daycares in your area and do they have any openings. Also consider whether a daycare close to your home or to your workplace makes more sense.

Options are usually more limited if you are looking for care for a child that is less than 3 yo and even more so if less than 12 or 18 mo  old – some home daycares accept younger children.

It also tends to be a little less expensive for older children as the ratio of child to adult is higher.

How much do you pay your sitter or live out nanny?

This tends to be unregulated , but the average “going rate” in most communities has made it possible for caregivers to actually earn more than a living wage with the majority making above minimum wage.  Additionally, many now have benefits included in their employment package. 

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Posted: August 01, 2015