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Glow in the Dark Ring Toss

We adore summer nights when we get to stay outside and it’s still nice and warm. Here’s another clever kids summer activity that pairs up nicely with our glow in the dark bottle bowling, with mostly the same materials that can easily be found in dollar stores. 

You’ll need:

  • bottles (filled with water) 
  • glowsticks
  • multi-coloured glow in the dark rings (the ones pictured are 12 inch necklaces and 7 inch bracelets)

Assembling the activity is easy, just fill the bottles with water to give the rings something sturdy to throw at, and slip in a glowstick into each bottle of water. 

Assign points to each different ring, and take turns tossing the glow in the dark rings. The most points, wins!

We got this amazing idea from here.

Posted: July 22, 2015