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Ice Block Treasure Hunt

Do you remember our Magic Ice kids activity? This one is more or less the same, except you take a whole chunk of ice with treasure buried inside of it. The kids can chip away at the block to discover the treasures, or find creative ways on uncovering their prizes. A great outdoor summer activity! 

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • plastic container or bowl
  • water
  • small toys: plastic animals or dinosaurs, tops, rubber balls, shells, coins (for older children), etc
  • optional: ice cube tray, food coloring and water to make colored ice
  • warm water, spray bottles, paintbrushes, salt, a hammer –anything that you or your child may think of that could be used to get the toys out of the ice block

And the instructions:

  1. (Optional) Make and freeze colored ice cubes using the food coloring and water
  2. Fill the plastic container with an inch of water. Add a few toys and some colored ice cubes. Freeze the container.
  3. When the first layer is frozen solid, add more water and a few more toys and ice cubes. Repeat this process until your container is full and you have a solid block of ice. It may take a couple of days to create your ice block.
  4. Remove the ice block from the plastic container.
  5. Give the kids some of the supplies for excavating the toys from of the ice: spray bottles, paintbrushes, spoons and water. Wait until later for the salt and hammer (supervised!)

We first saw this awesome summer activity here

Posted: July 17, 2015