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What are we going to eat today?

Often, we get asked for advice on one of the most common questions you hear daily: What are we going to eat today?

We gathered some great ideas on our Pinterest page, and found two great additional resources for you! 

Things have changed a lot in the last decade. It’s important to learn the latest on healthy foods and how you can adapt the rules to make simple, delicious home made food for kids and grown ups.

First, we have a great FREE offer from Coursera, one of our favourite online learning companies. One of their super-popular online courses, Child Nutrition and Cooking, was created by Canadian trained MD mom of three, TEDx and Stanford University lecturer Maya Adam. It has already been taken by 70,000 people! In 5 easy segments with videos and quizzes, you get the latest insights, great advice (including on allergies and picky eaters), as well as easy recipes to try at home.

And if you are not into on-line learning yet, or simply prefer a good read, we highly recommend the award winning books by Karen Le Billon - they are funny, inspired by real life stories of a mom of two, and very masterfully, they help you learn the 10 rules that can make your family time into a better experience for all. No wonder they have been on the best seller lists for months!

Posted: May 25, 2015