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Creating unique connections - a touching moment!

There is still a lingering assumption within the media and among some that most families fall under the “classic” family - 4 kids, dad works, mum drives the minivan, and everyone is home for dinner by 5pm. While there are certainly families like that, every family is unique and with unique situations - and at myBestHelper we get to help them find unique solutions! 

 One of my favourite examples happened recently. A single mom signed up looking for a sitter to stay overnight with her kids twice a week while she works the night shift. She posted her job and I expected a few students without early morning classes to apply - they would certainly be a good fit for the schedule. 

Later in the day, a helper reached out to me to share her excitement about this job – she was raised by a single mom who often worked night shifts, so she could really relate to the kids’ situation. She also offered a lower rate than the mom had advertised because "every little bit counts!“. 

 This example really touched my heart and reminded me that there are so many unique family situations, and there are just as many unique helpers who fit so well to these situations. You can find that extra piece that fits into your family puzzle, and I love helping our families find them! Stephanie Phillips, User Experience Lead,


Posted: August 19, 2014