What did you learn from your first job?

Parents, are your kids getting close to the time of their first job? Now is a great time to read the article (below) with them, and share your own stories of your first jobs and what you learned. Helpers, is working as a babysitter or nanny your first job? If you put your heart and your energy into it, you are sure to learn some valuable lessons to bring with you into your next adventure. This week Linkedin asked successful people to think back to their first job, to share the lessons they learned and the (sometimes unpleasant) experiences they had:

The Secret to Starting Your Career: Sometimes It Pays to Get Dirty

There are some great stories! It got me thinking about some of my first (short-lived) jobs… I worked about 7 jobs before, during and right after post-secondary. None of them were “dirty” in the conventional sense, but to me they were tedious and frustrating - never the right fit for me. I was becoming very discouraged because I hadn’t discovered anything I liked. It was then that my dad said something that has stuck with me: “Learning what you don’t like to do is just as valuable as learning what you do like to do. So take the time to figure out what don’t like about this job, remember it, and when you’re ready try something else.” Now, when I do work I don’t like, I put everything into it, figure out what I can learn from it, and don’t do it again! What great lesson did you learn from your first job? Share them here, we’d love to hear them! Stephanie Phillips, User Experience Lead, myBestHelper.com, best place to find a helper

Posted: November 06, 2013