Will never eat a tomato

I will never NOT ever eat a tomato!

That is just the title of a great book and video by one of my favorite kids authors Lauren Child. And not to worry, we all love tomatoes…

But too many kids nowadays are stuck in an odd relationship with food. And It’s amazing to see how many kids nowadays have no idea where food comes from or how much effort it takes to grow it. Sometimes discovering the story or picking it yourself and eating it fresh makes all the difference.

There are some great online resources on “farm to table food”, but it’s best to show them directly. Fall is a great time to visit a farm for apple or pumpkin picking or to visit a fall farmer’s market - here are the listings for Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.

Make your kids speak with the vendors and ask what they are passionate about - markets are full of creative people who are driven by their love of what they do, and it’s so interesting to discover the people behind the produce and the products.

In Vancouver, a #must attend is the annual UBC Apple Fest, complete with the opportunity to taste over 200 varieties of BC grown apples and a kids puppet and activity area - today and tomorrow 11-4pm. A bike valet is available at the entrance and you can make it into a fun outing for the day.

And we have put together a few great recipes of things to cook with apples that kids can do themselves - see our Pinterest collection.

Alexandra T. Greenhill, MD, Mother of three, CEO myBestHelper

Posted: October 19, 2013