Parenting is a serious (and funny) business!

Parenting is serious business, but one must not take it too seriously, and the occasional poke on what we do and say helps. We love books like Paul Reiser’s Couplehood, followed by Familyhood, then Babyhood - so many great moments that transcend specifics and tap into universal experiences we all share.

I recently came across a video series on Youtube that did a great job of capturing the experience of parenting a toddler - the sweetness and tenderness balanced with the “I can’t believe what is happening” and “Now, what do I do?”. “Conversations with my 2yr old” went viral on Youtube this summer with 9 million views and no wonder why!  - it’s smart, and real, and - really really funny.

The idea is hilarious: real conversations a dad has with his two-year old daughter, with a grown man reenacting the daughter’s role. Superbly delivered and edited, these 2-3 min webisodes are irresistible.

If you are not hooked from episode one, email me or comment here - I have not found a person yet who initially is a bit skeptical about the concept, then watches a video in the series and just raves about it.

Beyond the fun, why the series works is that it helps capture an authentic moment from both the perspective of the parent and the child. We have all lived these moments, and now we know we are not the only ones!

Please share - what parent blogs and sites make you laugh?

Alexandra T. Greenhill, MD, Mother of three, CEO myBestHelper


Posted: October 10, 2013