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Teach kids to learn through facing problems

A lot has been written on the subject of parenting by parents. How to raise children of course, no one knows better than the parents themselves. However, have you ever wondered what children would say if they were asked about parenting advice?

Of course, some might use this opportunity to extend their curfew or bargain for unlimited computer time but in all seriousness, oftentimes children learn the biggest lessons in the most unexpected ways and on the contrary ignore some of the basic advice parents are trying to convey. Surprisingly, children often learn the most important lessons not from success and prosperity, but from mistakes and predicaments – their own and their parents’. As humans we all make mistakes as a part of our learning process. Franklin Roosevelt once said “We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future.” And what is a better way to prepare them than to show them how to face life head on standing tall and strong?

These are the lessons that I have learned:

- Dream big and never give up no matter how many people say that it’s impossible. Click to tweet 

- Don’t let the circumstances change who you are – make your own rules. Click to tweet

- Forgive and forget and not let problems overshadow all the good things in your life. Click to tweet 

Everyone can do well in good circumstances, but to do well in life – full of unexpected pitfalls and sharp corners – is something every child needs to learn, sometimes the hard way.

So grown ups - don’t be afraid of making mistakes and let your children make mistakes as well. Embrace this opportunity to teach children how to take on the world, overcome any challenge and stay as tenacious as a mountain in the eye of the storm – the earlier they start learning this, the easier it’s going to be for them later on.

Kristina Lebed, Social media and marketing coordinator myBestHelper

Posted: August 09, 2013