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6 best ideas for campfire stories from across Canada

Summer is in full swing and many families are enjoying their hard-earned time together. Of course, one of the best ways to celebrate hot summer days is camping! There is really nothing more exciting than getting into a car packed with goodies, driving away from all the stress and responsibilities of daily lives, to enjoy the fresh forest air, sun and relaxation. Kids have plenty of fun during the day but when the evening creeps up, with the smells of corn on cob and roasted marshmallows, it is time for a different kind of fun - campfires stories.

Don’t waste this rare opportunity of having your children sit still and listen to every word you say! Instead of telling them a cliché scary story (which they probably have heard a dozen times), you could introduce them to the fascinating world of Canadian folklore stories with a deep moral lesson at the end – the lesson that might stick with them for the rest of their lives!

Here are the top six Canadian folklore stories that we recommend for your kids this summer (some of them are so spooky that your kids will enjoy them regardless of know that they come from a traditional Canadian folklore):

1. Crow Brings the Daylight – a captivating story about how a crow brought light to the Inuit people and why they have light for only half the year(

2. How Selfishness Was Rewarded – another great Alaskan folklore story with a touch of spookiness that will teach your kids not to be selfish or else they could turn into an owl.

3. The Ogopogo Monster – If you are camping on the Okanagan Lake and need an effective way to warn your kids not to swim too far, try telling them a story about an ancient Ogopogo Monster who roams in the lake and we bet your kids will not venture far from the shore

4. Tolling of the Bell – A Prince Edward Island ghost story, which might actually be true, about three ghost who warned the town that the passenger steamer called Fairie Queene will not reach the shore.

5. White Horse – if any of you ever saw a statue of the white horse at St. Francois Xavier on the Trans-Canada Highway west of Winnipeg, than this story will tell you the legend behind it. If you haven’t seen the statue, reading the story will be worth your while nonetheless.

6. Who Calls? – a Saskatchewan ghost story that is especially appropriate if you are camping around Qu'Appelle River. It tells the story of the Cree warrior who reaches out to the spirit of his beloved, crying: “Qu'Appelle? Who calls?” and his echo can be heard all across the river even to this day.

Posted: July 05, 2013