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Finding childcare 2.0 (Easy as child's play)

You have landed on this page, because you are looking for someone to help you with childcare, one of the most stressful rights of passage any parent has to face. How do you find someone who will protect and love and cherish your offspring, who will help them grow healthy and happy? Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes it takes effort. Over the last ten years, I have tried all available options. I have experienced the stress, and then the agony as the deadline approaches and a decision has to be made. I have faced the costs associated with the search either by paying agencies, websites or trying to DIY through word of mouth, posters and online free ad sites. I started myBestHelper because it’s time for it all to change. It’s the new century and it’s no longer enough to be using the same tools available to us in 1999. It’s about options and choices, and ease and affordability. We, at are on a mission. A mission to make lives better for families and for caregivers. And our site is ready to help you - so spread the word! We have built an easy to use, fast and available on all devices site where you can post a job and wait and/or browse profiles to find great candidates. Our costs are so unbelievably low because we use the latest technology tools to make the magic happen. It’s the site for parents who are FED UP with the struggles, efforts and costs of finding good options for childcare! Three things you can do NOW:

  1. Create a FREE user profile and experience the difference first hand! Go to and tell a friend who needs childcare that a great solution to the search headache is now available!
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Alexandra T. Greenhill, MOM, Co-founder and CEO myBestHelper, MD, Past School Board Chair

Posted: January 11, 2013