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It takes a great village to raise a happy child!

One of the most humbling experiences of life is to be put in charge of caring for a child. It does not really matter how long the experience lasts - even a few minutes in the company of little people can profoundly transform one’s thoughts and feelings - for the date or for a lifetime.

“Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them” Le Petit Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

In our constant hurry, we sometimes miss these very important learning moments especially when they come disguised as something apparently negative. We focus on the delay, the whining, the challenge - and yet, with a change of focus we can uncover the point of wonder and the real meaning. Amazing what even babies understand and think, why they seemingly resist our efforts and how one can communicate with them. Pausing to understand and come up with a better way forward, inevitably enriches our own perspective.

Children are in our midst for a greater purpose - they are our teachers and guides, they are the holders of the flames of curiosity, possibility and wonder. We are all here to protect them and guide them in return to make it into adulthood as happy and healthy people.

This process of mutual dependence is enriched by our surroundings - other children, other parents, fabulous caregivers and teachers have helped me shape my views on what works and in this blog, I will be passing along the wisdom I have been fortunate to receive.

Happy Friday to all the children and the amazing adults surrounding them with love!


Alexandra T. Greenhill, Co-founder and CEO myBestHelper

Family Physician, School Board Chair, Mother

Posted: November 02, 2012