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What Parents Want... (hint: apparently not work-life balance)

We recently asked what parents like you found to be the hardest in juggling life and kids. And apparently, TIME is the most important thing missing… Time to sleep, to exercise, to make dinner, to see one’s partner, to read…. “Time to myself” was the most frequent entry by far.

Interestingly the definition of “me time” was not just time alone or spent meditating - you told us that you simply needed time to do things that mattered to you

So, we did some meditating on this information ourselves.

No one asked for “more work-life balance” (which is good as it’s not achievable anyway!). Nor were there any comments on “time management”, “life management” or “parenting advice”. The concepts of “guilt”, “not good enough”, “not doing enough” did come up, but as an undertone to the theme of lacking time to do things or to take care of oneself.

What we concluded is that what we can most help you with is a collection of tips, ideas and best practices to help you make more time to do what you want.

Why? myBestHelper was launched by busy parents that needed help at home. Help was needed as there was no time to do it all - and being Type E (Everything to Everybody) is a sure fire way of burning out. We built a tool that allows you to hire help with child or elder care - fast and easy.

So the next logical step was to listen to our users and see what else we can do. Our blog was redesigned with that in mind.

And as for the guilt part - remember, you are the one who needs oxygen, before you can help others. It’s not intuitive, which is why airplane safety guides have been hammering that message home for decades now. The new mindset needs to be “I need and deserve time for me.”

We will help you on that quest. Follow us for practical ideas that make life better and inject some energy into your day.  

Isn’t that what parents want? ;)


Alexandra T. Greenhill happily juggles her roles as wife, mom, family physician and founder of www.myBestHelper.com, where great families find help for child and elder care.

Posted: November 10, 2014